White Cheese Stabilizers

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white cheese

It facilitates the manufacturing process , overcomes completely the
foam forming problems , gives the product more homogeneity &
improves the consistency of the cheese.
It increases the yield of the produced cheese and it is considered as
a source of protein.
Overcomes the Whey separation problems & reduces the loss in the
weight during storage.
Helps in the release of compounds responsible for the distinguished
flavor of this type of cheese & increase the spreading ability at

0.3 %
Dairy Gel 121
0.3 %
Dairy Gel 123T
0.1 %
Dairy Gel 124
0.6 %
Dairy Gel 125
0.1 %
Dairy Gel 126
0.5 %
Dairy Gel 200
1 %
Feta Gel