Whipped Cream & Filling Cream

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EGY Dairy’s Whipped & Filling Cream are distinguished with their unique rich creamy taste, stable overrun, and excellent acceptance for beating. It also fits with all types of mixers & enables users to adjust their final product’s sweetness level. The product Helps greatly in reducing the client’s overall final product cost. Greatly stable with a rich creamy taste when used in Bakery filling, Easy to prepare and has a creamy color without yolk addition.

Product's Name

EGY Cream Top

EGY Best Cream

EGY Cream Carnaval

EGY Cream Top with Sugar

EGY Cream Best with Sugar

EGY Top Milky

EGY Mousse C&V

EGY Tirmisu

EGY Patisserie & Rab

EGY Cheese Cream

EGY Liquid Cream