Ready Cake Mix

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Ensures the consistency of quality and properties of the commercially produced cakes from one batch to another it increases the size of the cake and swiss-roll volume and provides the final product with medium-sized holes which are regularly distributed the product. Reduces the production cost, as it does not need the addition of any materials or height improvers or cocoa powder. It also reduces the labor cost, as it does not need high quality skilled workwers, specially with the ease of use and the time-saving it provides .

Product's Name

EGY Black Forest

EGY Cake Mix

EGY Pound Cake C-V

EGY Muffin Cake C-V

EGY Brownies

EGY Cup Cake C-V

EGY Red Velvet Cake

EGY Molten cake

EGY Dughnuts with yeast

EGY Dughnuts without yeast