Filling ,Topping & Glaze Jelly

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Increases the shelf life of fresh fruits and preserves, a well ao delaying its dryness when displayed in display refrigerators. It gives confectionery products a bright and attractive look and substitutes for the use of jam, as it helps the products gain the desired flavors. The product gives confectionery products, when used as glaze to its surface, a considerable resistance to withstand different cooling cycles without any loss or separation of liquids, it Helps the formation of sweet jelly on the surfaces of the final products and improves the cutting properties productsof . It reduces the overall production cost and is easy to use. The filling jelly is used in the stuffing of all kinds of cakes, donuts and croissants

Product's Name

EGY Glaze Hot

EGY Glaze Cold

EGY Glaze Colored

Flavored Filling Jelly

Flavared Powdered Jelly

EGY Filling Natural Fruits

Egy Milk jam

Egy Filling vanilia milky

EGY Filling Chocolate

EGY Souse flavores